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[Error: unknown template qotd] I had been given an assignment in an introduction linguistics class to invent a word.  So I picked the sound of a can of stewed tomatoes (or pet food) slowly plopping out of a can into a bowl.  Kind of a Shhhhhhhhh-lorp!  I thought that X would look niftier than an SH, so there was the word - xlorp.

Then I mentally paired it with a cartoon character I developed in college, kind of a one-eyed Easter Bunny with an elephant trunk, wearing a loincloth and carrying a tremendous axe.  I then gave him a job as a lasagna-boy (along the lines of cowboy) who cared for herds of lasagna-beasts and branding them with red-hot spatulas.

Then I pragmatically realized that it could be a user id name that would never be reserved on any server.  Et voila!

Much later I found a new meaning during an on-line game of Werewolf / Mafia.  My username tended to get me lynched a lot as many folks agreed it sounded like the sound made by a werewolf scooping out and eating a poor villager's brains.  Slurp, xlorp!
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