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hi puerto rico is dead

IRMA JUST LEFT AND NOW MARIA IS ON HER WAY AND SHES GOING TO SLICE RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE ISLAND AS A CAT3/4. We haven’t even gotten over the damages with irma yet and some people STILL dont have water or power and now we’re getting hit with something thats going to be even worse for us PLEASE PLEASE pray for puerto rico and the caribbean because this shit is serious

As of 9/18 Maria is now a CAT5.

If you are able, donating money is one of the most efficient ways to help in a time of crisis.

After a cursory search these are a few charities that are helping with hurricane relief and are highly rated on charity navigator. International Medical Corps, Direct Relief, Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, Heart to Heart International, and Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Feel free to add more/let me know if some of the ones I listed are not using funds appropriately.

hello i am Puerto Rican and i will say this:

From Irma there was this fund set up by a local nonproft organization called Taller Salud (Health Workshop– its an awkward translation) to help families in the historically marginalized, poor and Afro-Puerto Rican municipality of Loíza who lost their homes due to poor construction. 

The Taller Salud fund is in paypal and its this one. PLEASE PLEASE DONATE TO THEM!!! These families DO NOT HAVE HOMES and will pass hurricane María in shelters as refugees. Taller Salud is also HIGHLY TRUSTED among Puerto Ricans. 

This is the only monetary fund I know of helping Puerto Ricans, since other monetary funds are via a service only available on the Island called ATH Movíl (Mobile Debit) or via the local bank. There will probably be more set up after the passage of the hurricane, and if i have internet ill try to update this post. 

Furthermore, the way donations after disasters work here is by donating objects, important first aid items, food, and service. Donations here do not tend to be monetary, so i’d be wary of donating to organizations that are international and say they will help here, bc they might not. But then again, we’ve literally never seen a natural disaster of this kind so….. I do not know. 

That paypal link didn’t work but the one on Taller Salud’s donation page did.

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comes from a place of sexism. I mentioned how people are accustomed to the imagery of men in dark, violent situations; male characters go through this stuff all the time! (Not just in m/m) In contrast, female characters generally aren’t allowed to go through disturbing situations and are certainly not allowed to be the cause of them. It comes back to girls being sweet, soft, and innocent in a way that tumblr often misguidedly perpetuates. (cont.)

The fact is, women are just as dark and disturbing as men bc all our minds work in the same way, and there ARE women abusers and women rapists and, yes, EVEN f/f rape and abuse. It exists in real life, so I think the fact that there is practically NO fictional media portraying it is far more telling than the fact that m/m rape fic exists. In fact, I hate to pull out the survivor card or, but I was raped and abused brutally by another girl as a young teen. I want to read manga & stuff (cont.)

about similar situations, because everyone enjoys reading about characters they can relate to. It was completely disheartening when I was younger to not be able to EVER find a similar situation portrayed. It made me feel like I was some extreme statistical outlier. However, I wasn’t. It is simply that media & fandom & society doesn’t like to show violent, disturbing girls; it’s a way of keeping girls ‘palatable’. If you’ve ever read/watched any f/f content (I’ve read a LOT tbh), a lot of (cont.)

the characters are the same worn-out stereotypes doing the same worn-out things, because variety is not encouraged when it comes to women. It’s literary same-face syndrome. Anyway, I’ve ranted quite a bit. My final point is: social awareness has no law over fiction. However, if you really want to play the social issues card, at least understand what it is you’re talking about. Thanks for putting up with all the asks! -fop.

I don’t have much to add to this because you’ve covered everything so thoroughly. Speaking just from a media standpoint, it’s a shame that we see so few female villains and even when we do, they are usually objectified or their character traits all revolve around seduction and sex. There’s just no variety. 

And in the real world, ofc, denying that women can be horrible or punishing them less than men for the same crime is just doing them a disservice. Putting women on a pedestal is harmful too and is especially horrible for the people who suffer abuse at the hands of a woman. 

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“I have been evicted” by Race

Transgender respondents reported various forms of direct housing discrimination — 19% reported having been refused a home or apartment and 11% reported being evicted because of their gender identity/expression.

Among those evicted, African American respondents reported an exceptionally high eviction rate of 37%. Others reporting high rates included those with no high school diploma at 33%, those making under $10,000/year at 26%, and undocumented immigrants at 21%.

Source: Grant, Jaime M., et al. 2011. “Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.” (http://www.thetaskforce.org/static_html/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_full.pdf)

Concept #0022

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Gay werewolf boyfriend who wears a shirt that reads “#knot all men”

humans evolving the capability for language was a mistake

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It seems very obvious, doesn’t it? but unfortunately … no, I don’t think there’s a way to help antis see things differently. Definitely not from the outside. fully-invested antis have a strong interest in having a righteous cause, an impossible task, and never considering achievable alternatives because …

anti-shipping is about control. a lot of anti-shippers have little to no control over their real lives for a variety of reasons. they turn to fandom as a space to get away from their real lives, but because web 2.0 is terrible, even that space is pretty uncontrollable, full of people enjoying things that are upsetting. Anti-shipping is a way of controlling fandom space; it’s the one way some of these people can throw around their weight and feel less helpless.

anti-shipping is about feeling righteous. ever had somebody say something awful and incorrect to you and felt a powerful rush of fury and superiority? anti-shipping is partially about generating that feeling. It’s a sense of knowing that you’re right, and because you’re right, you’re also better. You feel good because you know you’re on the side of good, and it’s your duty to smite the asshole before you.

anti-shipping is cult-like. I shove this essay at people a lot, but ‘How Good People and Well-Intentioned Groups Can Go Bad’ really captures the dynamics of anti-shipping as a community. some highlights:

  • antis must believe they are under attack. antis view themselves as protecting minors, survivors, and marginalized people from potentially harmful fandom content; therefore, they must believe that minors, survivors, and marginalized people are under constant attack by adults, non-survivors, and privileged people to justify their cause. many antis fall under one or more of these categories, so they are protecting not just others, but also themselves.
  • antis must believe that there is no such thing as going too far in the name of their cause. in the name of eradicating potentially harmful content in fandom, all things must be permissible, even things that would otherwise be inexcusable. online harassment, death threats, suicide baiting, dogpiling, cyberbullying, callouts, defamation, doxxing, filing false reports, destruction of property, and physical assault are all justified if it contributes to this purpose.
  • antis must believe that their way of thinking is the only right way. protecting minors/survivors/etc = eradicating potentially harmful fan content. there is no other way. if there are any viable alternatives - any other options that will protect minors/survivors/etc, or a way to eradicate the dangerous content without attacking others - it threatens their ability to think of themselves as doing good. 
  • antis must believe that the input of anyone who isn’t an anti is inherently worthless. to avoid any possibility of finding out they’re in the wrong, anti-shippers predetermine that the opinions, identities, or experiences of anyone who isn’t an anti-shipper must be utterly worthless. they don’t need to read any outside opinions or arguments - antis already know that they’re a total waste of time.
  • all of the above collectively let anti-shippers dodge feeling guilty for overlooking or causing harm to outsiders, and also preserves internal harmony, which is maintained by keeping absolute lockstep with one another.

if the goal is feasible - if it’s possible to achieve total eradication of anything anti-shippers don’t like - they won’t have anything to be anti- to anymore. this is not a desirable state because anti-shippers are getting emotional fulfillment out of feeling in powerful, in control, and morally superior. if there’s nobody around to be angry at, it’s hard to get an emotional rise out of being angry, and if there’s nobody doing bad things, they can’t feel attacked by it.

that said: most antis are really genuine in their desire to protect people; they just have bought into a method that’s ineffective at anything except making them feel good and that can only be justified by ignoring every other option. as a result antis are often dealing with their own self-inflicted hell on top of whatever hell the real world has inflicted on them, and they have to be willing to face losing their friends and maybe a guilty conscience if they want to get out. that’s hard, y’all - really, really hard!  so I get why most of them can’t even read a counter-argument: it’s dangerous to them.

but I think all we can do is keep trying to share more helpful knowledge with everyone else as much as we can and be as kind as possible to any anti who genuinely asks for information.

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2014-present: lol why bother?

2007-2014: I know I should, but the likelihood of losing it isn’t that great, so I’m not too worried about it…


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Thesis: the narrow focus on public performance over substantive action in certain activist circles has less to do with cynical schemes to game the system for progressive brownie points, and more to do with the fact that many folks basically think social activism is a form of ritual magic. Popular histories give us images of Great Men making speeches and leading marches and circulating petitions, and completely erase all the ground-level infrastructure that made all that stuff work; the end result is that a lot of folks seem honestly to believe that bringing about social change is a matter of performing the appropriate symbolic actions and waiting for reality to reconfigure itself accordingly.

This is, IME, exactly how a lot of people think reality works, whether or not they realize it. It’s not just Tumblr, or movement orgs – it’s the prototype narrative we’re presented with in both fiction and education. It’s how successful movements get portrayed after the fact.

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I think it’s entirely dependent on situation. However, there are some basic guidelines that I find antis follow most of the time:

  • The Anti-Shipping Golden Rule: if an anti-shipper has a negative feeling towards a ship, it’s unshippable. if an anti doesn’t like a ship for whatever reason, then it is problematic. This is because they conflate their feelings with facts: ‘if I feel upset about it, this must be objectively upsetting.’
    • reasons include: it’s a rival ship to their OTP, they strongly ID with one of the characters and can’t imagine themselves dating the other character, their canon dynamic isn’t their cup of tea, it just irks them, etc. 
    • after realizing they dislike a ship for any reason, anti-shippers will quickly figure out how to paint the disliked ship as actually ‘incest’, ‘abusive’, or ‘pedophilia’. 
  • if one character is 18+ and the other is under 17&under, it’s unshippable. antis don’t usually ship across the legal adult divide: in fact, they make a point of not doing so. 0tayuri falls into this category, and the vehement hatred for it seems to be - at least from where I’m sitting - entirely because it crosses this divide, and antis are very, very consistent on this point.
    • unless it’s kl@nce, but they were shipping it long before the official handbook put k&l on opposite sides of the Great Divide. it is, however, the first ship I’ve ever seen that the majority of anti-shippers did not put down because of one character being under 18 and the other being 18+.
  • if the ship isn’t progressive enough, it’s unshippable. rules for what counts as ‘progressive enough’ varies from canon to canon and takes into account what fanon anti-shippers have generally latched onto, but if a ship doesn’t have some aspect of marginalized representation, it’s not progressive.* (and mlm doesn’t count because women/afab nb only ship it for the fetishization angle.)
  • villain/hero ships are unshippable. these are considered to be abusive 100% of the time. it doesn’t matter if you ship them in a fluffy AU where they were friends all along; the villain is abusive, so shipping anyone, especially their enemy, with them is supporting abuse and thus unshippable.
  • incest is unshippable. if a relationship would be considered incest by American standards (this includes first cousins), it is unshippable. Again, this takes into account anti-shipping accepted fanon, but if it’s definitely canon, it’s definitely out. 

(fun side note: kl@nce, if seen from a different angle, is actually against every anti-shipper standard: it’s now ‘pedophilia’ by their definition, in which anyone over 18 dating anyone under 18 is a pedophile; the characters have an antagonistic relationship, so by anti-shipping standards, it’s abuse; and they’ve been called ‘brothers’ and ‘family’ in canon, so it’s ‘incest’ by anti-shipper standards as well. but as this is a ship beloved by the majority of vld antis, it will never be problematic no matter what. (and it’s true that it’s not problematic - and neither is she1th!))

*I don’t mean to dismiss racism because it definitely has an effect on what people ship. fandom will collectively go out of its way to ship two white guys together at times. but abusing people with this isn’t the way to fix it.

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At 87, Dolores Huerta is a living civil rights icon. She has spent most of her life as a political activist, fighting for better working conditions for farmworkers and the rights of the downtrodden, a firm believer in the power of political organizing to effect change.

And yet, her role in the farmworkers movement has long been overshadowed by that of Cesar Chavez, her longtime collaborator and co-founder of what became the United Farm Workers of America union. That’s true even when it comes to credit for coining the movement’s famous slogan, Sí se puede — Spanish for “Yes, we can” — which inspired President Obama’s own campaign battle cry and has often wrongly been attributed to Chavez. (Obama acknowledged Huerta as the source of that phrase when he awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. She talks about its origins below.)

Dolores, a new documentary from director Peter Bratt, aims to finally set the record straight.

Dolores Huerta: The Civil Rights Icon Who Showed Farmworkers ‘Sí Se Puede’

Photo: George Ballis//George Ballis/Take Stock/The Image Work


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 injured myself last night. walking, standing, sitting etc is very painful. may be offline for a while.


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