Dec. 10th, 2011

xlorp: (Hello Cthuluh)
And how she confirmed her name...
Our dear, sweet, recently tamed kitty clearly reads the back pages of comic books and dreamed of a mail-order magic kit. She must have found some way to get her paws on one for tonight we were graced with the death-defying and jaw-dropping inaugural performance of "Pulling the tablecloth out from under everything on the coffee table trick!"

It worked like a charm at first. She strained, pulled and finally hooked her claw and startled like a flock of starlings. Cat sails northward at increasing speed. Tablecloth slithers, then leaps and billows northwards, encouraging said cat to sail faster.

And then that flock of starlings landed with a crash. No, not starlings. Junk mail envelopes, cardboard boxes and inflated plastic packaging stuffers. Just as well really as real birds would leave an awful mess on the floor; yes worse than this one.

Little Sagwa.
Silly melon-head.
Daintily eating a few feet from the flotsam and jetsam of her show biz career.
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