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I don't understand the heavy genuflecting whenever a politician or economist (as they style themselves) references the mystically powerful invisible hand of the marketplace.

Is it a clue that we missed the significance of a secular ideology assuming the unabashed trappings of moral imperative, loyalty oaths and of course the theology of the select? When did possession of hard currency become a symbol of divine right?

Humans are really good at imagining virtual connections and entrusting collective efforts to achieve useful goals. Humans are terrible at reigning in these collective efforts when those at the helm can enrich themselves further by brushing off constraining measures.

Hells bells, I suspect there's absolutely zero investment effort in the Fortune 500 corporate stable (to pick an arbitrary symbol) in bettering the entire human condition in the long run. The specific short term goal is always stock pricing and shady disposition of retained earnings. Are we getting value for what price we as humanity are paying? I doubt it.

I really hope the internet blossoms further as an unbreakable mirror of everything that we are. believe and do as humans. The sooner we come to terms with that the sooner we might work up ways of governance and allocating resources that don't reward outright theft, waste and abuse.

This posting brought to you by spending what is either still too little or way too much time perusing social media today.

Date: 2011-12-05 01:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] batdina.livejournal.com
Are we getting value for what price we as humanity are paying? I doubt it.

I doubt it too.

Your blog functions as my "think about this" place these days. Just sayin'.

Date: 2011-12-05 02:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xlorp.livejournal.com
Thanks for sayin'
Thanks for thinkin'

That whole expelling the money-changers incident merits one paragraph in my first communion receipt of an illustrated children's bible. Wiki refers obliquely to a similar sentiment from Nehemiah. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice gave it more attention for Christ's sake (pun reviewed and judged appropriate).
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