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"There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society, with a large segment of people in that society, who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that they have nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don't have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

This presents an easy image of involuntary disenfranchisement and the inexorable consequences. Too bad this wasn't the first group to lose its willingness to cooperate with society as a whole. What is not in the dialogue are the extremely rich and manipulative strata who also lost their sense of belonging and have already looted the world economies on a staggering scale. What is so infuriating to me is that the first wholesale robbery escaped punishment and incarceration (except for a few foolish types like Bernie Madoff who victimized their own privileged neighbors and were kicked out of the country club) and are now the ones howling for blood, curfews, military deployment and express-lane mass imprisonments. Karma is a bitch and the kettle has not even begun to boil.

Adding a pithy rejoinder from another thread:
Just to set it straight we are of course all in agreement that only the ultrawealthy are capable of enacting 100% efficient political violence against the other classes.
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